Rutting – the reason behind PPD resonance

It seems to be that many people are really specialists and see diverse application of their speciality in every field of human endeavour and I include myself in this. Lawyers see ways to solve disputes. Teachers see educational ways to solve behavioural problems. Doctors see drugs as a way to solve problems et cetera.  We all get into our ruts and we love them to bits and we live them and often make them so deep we cannot see out of them.

rutting and ppdsThe problem is as I see it from my rut, there is a lack of balance, and a tendency to focus on one particular area to the exclusion of all the others. When in reality they are all important. What is worse is when one particular aspect of life is excluded or ignored by the majority of people in the field whatever the endeavour.

Sports and it’s rut
With this in mind I want to comment upon what goes on in sport and athletics and fitness as an example. There seems to be an overemphasis on the physical components like nutrition, exercise etc. There is what the AMA and the British equivalent et cetera recommend as your daily intake of vitamins and nutrients which is extraordinarily basic and simplistic. There is much better information to be found. But to think that nutrition is the most important item is just a rut. The same ideas applied to fitness, there are many levels to understanding it. But again fitness isn’t all that important.

There is naturally in athletics a great emphasis on the mental mindset needed to be successful, will power, staying power, ambition etc, and being passionate about whatever it is, and enjoying it. Again this is important but only part of the picture.

epigenetics and PPDEpigenetics
Obviously to be successful in sports or anything else it’s really helpful to have parents and grandparents who were good at it too. This is a successful rut that is difficult to start from scratch. That’s more difficult to achieve retrospectively but you only have to look at the history of current athletes to see the truth is that this. Incidentally to say it is in the genes really mean it is in the epigenetics. Epigenetics is the science behind rutting.

Our education system and it’s rut
We see this in a more general way when we look at the history of sport. Fundamentally every generation is outperforming the previous one. Which means the previous ones were underperforming, so we are too. We are gradually eroding the limitations imposed upon us human by going beyond what our predecessors did in many fields of human endeavour. However in education it’s going the other way, children are no longer meeting or excelling beyond the same academic standards as their parents. There can be many reasons for this but one of them is that education has got into to a deep academic rut. Children want to be intelligent in its greatest form, not just academically capable and they know the difference even if they can’t spell it out. The present education system is rutting our children, and seriously limiting their abilities.

Human race and it’s rut
But all the above ‘ruts’ are only superficial. Deeper than the above are all the profound inherited patterns of behaviour many of which are essentially limiting and the forming forces of rutting. These patterns go back into our family history many generations. Many of these patterns are based upon a traumatic past, which had never been resolved.

We start to rut into stuff that is so deeply rooted in our history and so fast in its actual operation within us that it effectively puts limits on us. It is making us under breathe, panic, and nervous anticipation, expect opposition, et cetera just when we need to be calm to operate at full potential.

reptilian brain and PPDsThese come from the reptilian brain, the amygdala, and this is the brain that was finished at the time of the dinosaurs. It’s primitive and it’s still operating inside us, usefully to keep us alive and safe. But it’s become hyperactive because of the massive traumas that occurred last century amongst other things.

There were over 50 genocides last century and the Holocaust was only one of them and not the biggest. But the result is in effect we are all living in the aftermath of the war zone without realising it because everybody is under breathing, overanxious and defensive/aggressive. We have no one who is normal.

The reason PPDs exist
This is one reason why we created PPDs, to get to the core of the human dysfunction which I would suggest is more important than all the other issues, but since this is my rut, I just suggest it needs to be given equal treatment and equal emphasis to everything else that goes on in raising human performance and human consciousness.
I also suggest to try it on yourself, words mean nothing unless there is a experience to it!
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