1) How are my PPDs delivered?
They are streamed directly to your computer, smart phone or tablet.
You need a subscription to get access to the program.

2) What can I expect?
PPDs are typically 2-3 minutes long sounding sea waves.
We suggest you listen minimum once a day per PPD for at least one week. Many people do listen a few times a day for 5-10 minutes per session.
Each PPD set is contains 5-15 different PPDs with additional exercises. The program is available for at least 140 days.

3) If I miss a day or more, does it matter?

4) All my PPDs sound the same
All the PPDs that you listen to sound similar, but they are all very different.

5) The PPDs seem too strong to me.
If you feel that the PPDs act too strongly or disturb you too much, listen less often. Listen every other day perhaps.
Give yourself and your PPDs more time to process your issues and follow your intuition as to how often to listen.

6) Are these PPDs something like the new Walkman audio-visual device or like relaxation music or audio brain wave technology?
This is not like relaxation music, nor Brain Wave technology nor bioresonance therapy.
The sea wave sounds we use are only the carriers of the technology, not the technology itself.
Relaxation music has less technology within it and is not specifically targeting restrictive and limiting feelings or thoughts or highlighting your hidden qualities. It’s just generally relaxing.

Music can be relaxing and enjoyable – this is self evident – but it’s not a technology with a built-in focus.
Likewise, new gadgets like the audio/visual one discussed above are just that: cool gadgets without an underlying purposeful technology.
The same applies to other forms of brain wave stimulating sounds.
They may well stimulate inner brain activity in a good and generally helpful way, but there is no specific targeting technology to it.
It’s like a general mind tonic, possibly inducing helpful mind states that then help you.
It’s helpful, but not a specific technology in the way PC Resonance Technology exactly targets your body-mind and the limiting, restrictive thoughts/feelings in you.

7) Will I become dependent or addicted when I stop PPDs?
PPDs are not addictive.

8) Is it the sea waves that do it?
It is the PPD Resonance Technology embedded in each PPD which does the job.

9) How long does it take for PPDs to work?
While some effects and results can be quite clear immediately, or sometime within a day, for some people, repetition is normally needed over a period of 7 days for each PPD. A typical PPD program consists outof 10 PPDs.
For example, if your confidence grows because your resistance to doing things has been reduced, your confidence may continue to grow and grow, and it will sort of become a self-fulfilling upward spiral, with the full implications of this lasting months or a year.

10) Is there a sequence to using PPDs?
The PPDs are offered in a logical sequence for processing specific issues addressed by each PPD. Most of our PPD programs contain 10 PPD per set.
After each extra 7 days you get access to the next PPD and can still access all those made available already. So after ten weeks you have access to all PPDs.
You can take longer than ten weeks to listen to all the PPDs, If you feel like it you can linger longer on any PPD, or go back to it

11) What are the ways to know that PPDs work?
Most often it is the fact that you feel calmer, more clear and vigilant – most people see this themselves.
Also others like your coach, teacher, mentor, friend notice changes in behavior spontaneously.
Obiviously your sports ranking shifts, exam results start getting better, emotional drama is seen easily, headaches disappear, fears are neutralised, job promotion or unexpected pay increase happens etc.
Often quite simply you make big life changes (read more).


12) I am not an athlete – can I use PPDs?
We give lots of athletic examples, results, testimonials, as this is a fruitful research area and where very concrete results are possible. Athletic results, like running faster are very measurable PPD effects. But the PPD effects apply equally to everyone.
In fact we have people from all parts of society listening to PPDs, executives, ADHD children and their parents, people suffering from PTSS or psychological issues, etc.

13) What if I am sick, can PPDs help me?
Sickness means that your mind and body energy structures are not necessarily working well, and if they are not working well, they may need repair, PPDs are a good basis to work from.

14) What if I don’t follow a healthy lifestyle?
Again, if you are serious about improving your life, then you have to take the whole of your life into account and do all the obvious things that could make your body and mind work better.
It’s hard to imagine that if you eat badly and don’t exercise that you really want to perform well or be fit.
The mind and body are intimately connected, and for one to work well, you need the other one to do its best, too.

15) How do PPDs come to exist?
PPDs were invented by Peter Chappell and developed further by our team over a ten year period of research and development. The team took the original ideas and developed them into the present PPDs. Read more.

16) Is there a diffenrence between talk-talk therapies, coaching and PPDs?
There are many excellent techniques, but they are working (from our perspective) from the outside in and trying to deal with an invisible enemy, a disturbed reptillian brain. Talks therapies and mental techniques induce the frontal (newer) parts of the brain, but don’t reach the (old) back part.
Our PPD approach is to go straight to the disturbed reptillian brain and use resonance to calm it down, to work from the inside out.

17) Can PPDs be used in combination with coaching and therapy?
Yes, we even suggest using a combination of therapy and PPDs.
We have demonstrated that this works with well-established athletes and many people suffering from PTSS. We think this is a win-win situation where the existing coaching / therapy techniques will have a multiplier effect and will reach much deeper when used in combination with PPDs.

18) Can people from one family / group listen to the same PPDs simultaniously?
From our experience it means that communication between all these people improve because they are not then rattling each other’s survival instincts anymore. Any sense of threat for example is bound to activate survival instincts which is counterproductive to any form of communication.


19 It’s hard to understand PPDs can work.
Yes, we understand and agree.
This is a normal and natural response. PPDs are unknown because they really are new technology. There is nothing quite like them.
The only way to get over this hurdle in our opinion is to try one. There is no substitute for personal experience.
The natural science behind the technology is as old as the hills, but the PC Resonance Technology is very new. We have checked this out and we have not found anybody else who has anything really like it, although there are many relaxation downloads. These just don’t have the technology.

20) Amongst people using PPDs, there was disbelief or at least some reservations that PPDs could do anything.
This is completely understandable.
The concept that there is something to which you can listen to for just 2-3 minutes a day and see an (dramatical) improvement in your life or performance is something completely new.

In line with this disbelief and even after quite remarkable performance results
– almost all of the athletes found PPDs a very hard concept to understand
– quite a few did not associate the effects of the PPDs with their performance.

For example, an international hammer thrower noticed general improvements in throwing, yet did not connect her achieving a consistent new personal best, which had not shifted in three years, at all to PPDs.
Success was not attributed to the training and PPDs, but only to training, as that is familiar.
Had we not monitored the athletes over the period and brought it to their attention, many would have missed the PPD effect completely!

21) PPDs manipulate the mind!
PPDs in no way manipulate the mind, but in fact stop the process of the mind manipulating you.
You are not your thinking, but you have many belief structures and old emotions which limit you.
If you are riddled with the feelings of guilt,failure or that you are no good or will never succeed, these old thoughts are manipulating you!
PPDs reduce these hidden but constantly manipulating thoughts.
PPDs put you in charge!