Why don’t we live our full potential?

Almost nobody is able to live up his/her highest potential. And that is because of our past (limiting) life.
The past is existing in the form of memories, habits, beliefs, behavior, culture, education, etc. with other words: brain wiring.
The oldest and most important brain wiring is called the ‘reptilian brain’. It’s age is somewere close to 500 million years and home of our survival instincts.

Survival instinct

Your survival instincts (freeze, flight and fight) are engaging in every interaction you have with everything that goes on inside and outside of you.
These are limiting your life in every possible way.
You don’t know this because nobody is talking directly about it. We have studied hundreds of experts in personal, professional and sports development and none of them is getting the absolute importance of survival instincts.

What can you do?

The hopefull point is that you have an amazing, untapped future potential which you can bring out into your life.
And Max my Performance has a new technology available that works by influencing your brain to calm down your survival instincts and to open up your personal unlimited potential. The most known exemple of somebody living his potential is the Dalai lama.

MMP uses resonance in a systematic manner to work on the survival instincts. This is an innovative 21th century concept which can not be compared with anything else. It is called PPD Resonance Technology. PPDs stands for Potential Performance and Disease and they come as a mp3 you listen to. It takes only a few months 5 minutes a day listening to your smartphone, tablet or computer. Simple as that!

PPDs and what they do for you

PPDs are designed to calm the survival instincts. This helps to free you from fixed and automatic habits like criticism and judgements, limiting beliefs like not having enough money or feeling alone, and negative emotions like anger, resentment and the blame game.
PPDs also activate new pathways in the brain to encourage your natural talents to develop, like better communication, clear thinking, better attitude to money and relationships, and appropriate responses.

With PPDs then the instinctual automatic patterns of social cultural conditioning fade away naturally. Our personal spectrum of new, previously unseen, and unused, possibilities is brought out.
You also become more present, opening up a more balanced, effective, creative, more thoughtful, fun and abundant way of living.

More background information

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