survival mechanism

Humans in hyper alert state
The inner human situation now is the result of history in general and in particular of the last hundred years and more of extraordinary and systematic violence against the human race on a scale possibly never seen before.
In the last hundred years, literally hundreds of millions of people were deliberately killed and exterminated, and thousands of millions people have been intimidated and threatened by this process.

Most people are still not aware of the scale of what happened because there has been a long period of denial lasting 50 to 100 years.  Many countries ruled by dictators simply rewrote the history books. Other democratic countries chose consciously to hide it and get on with living, or did not think it relevant because of emotional illiteracy. These effects are inherited by what is now known as the Epigenetic process.

Victim of emotions
The result is that the survival instincts in every human being are on chronic alert. They are chronically over activated, and everyone is living as if their life is on edge, death is just round the corner, starvation could happen at any moment…. Whatever it is, it is about to happen.
Survival instincts underlie normal emotions and magnify them. The result is that people have become overwhelmed by the intensity of their feelings.

These hyperactive survival instincts are creating hugely increased emotional responses in us, as we feel unsafe in all aspects of our lives. Without our having any knowledge why we have these strong powerful feelings inside us, we are experiencing inner violence or the opposite: feeling threatened, intimidated by authorities, and so on.

Effects through the generations
There is a process by which hyped up survival instincts are passed down through the generations.

People mostly do not realise that this even happens. Parents pass this on to their children unknowingly and un-intentionally by the way they parent.
In hundreds of little ways, parents, while intending to be loving, kind and compassionate, also over-control, shut down, repress, and scare their children every hour of every day and teach them to internalise the fear and violence and, consequently, over activate the child’s survival instincts.  This goes on generation after generation.

Example of transmission
Here is just one of a thousand examples of this transmission:
A child feels very scared about raising its hand in class. If you examine the child’s family history in detail, you find that in either the family or the local society there is a history spanning several generations of the threat of being shot for questioning the authorities. You would find that people had been routinely shot for this type of questioning.  Typically, in a population of 10 million, 30-40 people were shot every day for two decades in the 1940s, 50s and 60s for questioning the authorities. This has been repeated in many countries involving hundreds of millions of people. So the child raising its hand timidly in class, deep down fears being shot for doing this. This is a real, repeating situation now that can be checked out.

If we fast forward 50 years to the present generation, the consequence is that people in general are underperforming in every field of human endeavour and personally in every way. Essentially, they have been intimidated into acting in a cowardly, limited, restricted way and are completely scared of living their dreams. Or they are over-compensating, hard-driving, threatening, uncaring, money orientated, and so on. They are also under breathing, which is the result of the freeze survival instinct, which make us ‘smaller’ than our potential.

To resolve this we need to resolve this hyped up survival instincts within the human race and inside almost every human being. Resonance is the technique to do this.

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