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Homeopathic treatment of AIDS

In 2001 Peter Chappell went to Ethiopia to work on the homeopathic treatment of AIDS. He created a new conscious way of making highly effective homeopathic remedies to treat epidemic diseases like AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.
He extended the application into treating trauma first in Sarajevo, then in Rwanda and then generally and this was another major step forward. This work is documented on www.arhf.nl and other sites and recently in the book ‘Homeopathy for Diseases’ which he co-authored with Harry van der Zee MD. Profits from all the ventures help the work of the ARHF foundation run by Harry.

Treating diseases with sounds rather than pills

In this process he also demonstrated that you could treat diseases with sounds rather than pills, using the same technology. Essentially this new method is something complete new and unknown before.
It works with a consciousness source to imprint resonances directly into pills and mp3s. We have found that genocide induced trauma lasting ten years can almost disappear overnight. Serious epidemic diseases reversed in two weeks, reliable and reproducibly in thousands of people. Malaria treated within hours!
This is game changing and a vital new step in human evolution. It heralds the beginning of a whole new way of enhancing life.

Peter Chappell has always believed that the internet is the core medium of the age we are in, and was inventing internet devices in 1960s before the words internet and word processor were invented. For him changing people’s mind sets with downloads that you could email is a vital new step in human evolution. It heralds the beginning of a whole new way of enhancing life.

More detailed results

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