Mindfulness PLUS

RELAX more, and STOP STRESS in your life – against CORONAask here for free mp3
more concentration & FOCUS
DETOX and better SLEEP

an high ENERGY level

in 10 min/day living a BETTER life


Wondering what makes that happen?
These remarkable outcomes are the result of a totally new way of healing:

PPD Resonance or Mindfulness PLUS.

PPD resonance has it’s roots in millenia of traditional medicines (like homeopathy, yoga, etc.), but is completely new, you might call it Mindfulness PLUS!

After 3 decades of R&D among 100.000+ people we have been able to create the next step in making a difference in the world: no pills but mp3’s!

These special resonance mp3’s are called PPDs and they have profound impact on the oldest part of our human brain: the reptilian brain (home of our instincts and stress reactions). So far, nothing was able to impact the reptilian brain properly, PPD Resonance does!

Science shows us that too much stress is the very basis of diseases (mental & physical), addictions, poor performance and suffering! The opposite is also true, living a relaxed, natural life is very fulfilling and happiness will show up!

PPD mp3’s and what they do for us
PPDs mp3’s are designed to calm down our (hyper active) survival instincts (fight, flight, freeze, food, sex) for both kids and adults.

A calm reptilian brain is needed to become free of:
1. rigid and automatic habits (addictions, over eating / drinking, etc.)
2. limiting beliefs (I am not good enough, feeling alone, it is not possible)
3. negative emotions (fear, panic, anger, jealousy, feeling depressed, blaming others)
4. mental and physical stress
5. diseases

PPD mp3’s also activate new pathways in the brain to encourage our natural talents to develop, like clear thinking, having fun, being creative and vigilant, naturally coping with stress, loving life, being aware of Now, compassionate, patient and achieving goals.

The last few years we have collected tons of results through experiments and feedback from thousends of PPD listeners all over the world. These testimonials include statements like:

I have more self-confidence
I have calmed down and cope much better with stress
I don’t panic anymore! – (after years of suffering)
there is better concentration and very clear thinking
I experience much more energy and creative flow
l have a better relation with my kids and family members
I sleep a lot better (without medication!)
there is more awareness about what I want in life
my emotional drama is almost gone
I don’t need alcohol and other drugs anymore
I have started living again, healthy this time!

mindfulness PLUS is fun







Will Mindfulness PLUS work for me?
YES, it will!

Since stress is the very basis of all our behaviour PPD mp3’s work for everybody.
We have fans from all around the world, including (former):
– people suffering from fear and worries
PTSD diagnosed professionals
– children diagnosed with ADHD / ADD
– people having addictions

but also
– (business) people living stressful life’s
– professional top athletes
– ordinary people with difficult pasts or health issues
– ordinary people with ordinary life’s

How to get PPD mp3’s
1. request for your FREE PPD (at the top of this webpage) and experience the impact now.

2. choose your own, life changing PPD program (some of them are 50% off).

3. or participate in the 108 day Mindfulness PLUS CHALLENGE

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How PPD resonance contributes to all people
PPD resonance orginated in the refugue camps of Central Africa and is still very much related to the people living there.  Through the ARHF foundation we support the work of many volunteers helping  with the treatment and prevention of epidemic diseases and the relief of trauma in Africa and other rural areas using PPD resonance.

How can I use PPD resonance for my organisation?
MMP is regularly invited to speak at conferences and to train committed MT’s and business teams.

If you see the possibility that your organisation can benefit from Mindfulness PLUS (PPD Resonance), please let us know here.