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We are delighted that you are willing to participate in this research called ‘the impact of anit-stress PPDs on our daily life‘.

To show our gratitude we offer the two programs that are part of the research with a 80% discount. Please chooseone of the following programs:

1. Students & School

2. Mindfulness

Why research?
After a decade of R&D, we know that people can benefit from PPDs in different parts of life: less stress, neutralised traumas, relief from ADHD, improved quality of sleep, better performance at school and work, and so on.

At this very moment we feel a strong urge to publish about PPD resonance in scientific magazines and in order to do so we need feedback from as many listeners as possible.

What is my role as a research participant?
Participants are asked to listen to a serie of PPDs for at least 5 weeks. During this time frame, we will ask you twice to fill out a questionnaire anonymously.

We will use the results coming from this program to help us :
1) create scientific evidence on the contribution of PPDs to our lives (both physically and mentally).
2) write an article to be published in scientific magazines
3) develop the next phase PPDs (mp4).

The PPD series 
We have created 2 series holding 25 different PPDs each: Students & School and Mindfulness.
Some PPDs have an impact in a particular part of life, e.g. PPD Forgiveness. Others are developed to impact several realms.

  • All PPDs take a minimum of 2 minutes to listen.
  • Every PPD is listened to for a minimum of 1 week.
  • For the first 4 weeks there are new PPDs available on the website – you will receive an email reminder.
  • You still have access to all PPDs made available already – so after four weeks you have access to all PPDs.
  • After 14 weeks access to all the PPDs ceases.

For any questions we are available 24/7, just mail us.

We are gratefull!
To thank you for helping us and the ARHF foundation we would like to give you an 80% discount on the normal price for a 25 PPDs program (€ 75 instead of € 375).
Please choose the program that fits you most:

1. Students & School

2. Mindfulness