results – intro

The last few years MMP has collected tons of results through experiments and feedback.
These testimonials often include statements like:

I have more self-confidence
I have calmed down and cope better with stressthere is better concentration and clearer thinking
I experience more energyl am less reactivethere are less limiting physical and mental habits
I feel much more in charge of my life
I am living in a more creative way
I showed quicker physical and mental recovery
there is more awareness about what I want in life




Can it work for me?

PPDs work for everybody, actually we tried it out on Olympic level athletes over a period of months and the majority of them performed better than ever before (jumped higher, ran faster etc).

We worked togheter withtop business managers going through an fMRI machines and the effects were measurable and surprising. We ask their brains to go quiet and they did.

We copperated with school kids and they did better at school, in learning, sports and play. We work togheter with people living with fears or diagnosed with PTSS. We even tried it on an athlete with an injury in a biomechanical measuring lab, and their injury, which had taken months to get better already, improved 5% in 10 minutes.

Hard to believe?
Well, true, PPDs are hard to believe because its completely new technology.

More detailed info

For detailed information read the articles on the pilots MMP did with
1. alcohol addicted people
2. professional athletes and
3. ADHD diagnosed children
4. testimonials