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Stress door medicijnen en vaccinaties: stoppen nu!

vaccinatieEr zijn 2 soorten factoren die stress oproepen in ons lichaam:
1. Levensbedreigende of stressvolle gebeurtenissen
– geweld, scheiding, overlijden van familie
– verkrachting, misbruik
– ernstige ziekte
– eenzaamheid, ontbreken sociale context

2. Ongezonde gewoontes en milieufactoren:
– slecht eten
– drugs en medicijngebruik
milieutoxines en elektromagnetische straling

We hebben allemaal te maken met bovengenoemde vormen van stress. Lees verder


Rutting – what is behind PPD resonance

It seems to be that many people are really specialists and see diverse application of their speciality in every field of human endeavour and I include myself in this. Lawyers see ways to solve disputes. Teachers see educational ways to solve behavioural problems. Doctors see drugs as a way to solve problems et cetera.  We all get into our ruts and we love them to bits and we live them and often make them so deep we cannot see out of them.
The problem is as I see it from my rut, there is a lack of balance, and a tendency to focus on one particular area to the exclusion of all the others. When in reality they are all important. What is worse is when one particular aspect of life is excluded or ignored by the majority of people in the field whatever the endeavour.


Sports and it’s rut
With this in mind I want to comment upon what goes on in sport and athletics and fitness as an example. There seems to be an overemphasis on the physical components like nutrition, exercise etc. Lees verder