Geven ouders hun stress door aan (klein) kinderen.

Iedereen begint zo langzamerhand wel te onderkennen dat chronische stress zeer ongezond is. Kortstondige stress kunnen we prima hebben, daar zijn we goed op ingesteld en kan ons zelfs boven onszelf doen uitstijgen. Maar chronische stress leidt op zowel fysiek als geestelijk niveau tot een veelheid aan problemen, zoals bijvoorbeeld immuniteitsissues, overgewicht, hart- en vaatziektes, depressiviteit en dementie. 

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disfunctional behavior, stop now!

Have you ever wondered why you seem to have some built-in limitations that other people don’t have and they have built-in limitations that you don’t have?
Have you ever wondered why all those amazing (management) training course effects wear off after a matter of days, weeks or months and all the amazing insights quietly sink back into the background to be forgotten? Even when there is a strong intention to keep them up. Lees verder


How history lives on in humans.

This is a true story about a cow and its calf. The old farmer said to his son, ‘make sure the cow is away from her calf when the men come to kill it’. Unfortunately the son came back too late and the men who came to kill the calf came too early. So the mother cow watched her calf being strung up killed and carved up. The cow died three weeks later, it pined to death.

This story illustrates many different features of the human situation. The old farmer knew from experience and possibly ancient wisdom the effects of such a trauma. The modern educated son was not so understanding of the importance of this situation otherwise he would have been on time, and the modern educated men who came to kill the calf didn’t have a clue about trauma, they were completely emotionally illiterate.

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Rutting – what is behind PPD resonance

It seems to be that many people are really specialists and see diverse application of their speciality in every field of human endeavour and I include myself in this. Lawyers see ways to solve disputes. Teachers see educational ways to solve behavioural problems. Doctors see drugs as a way to solve problems et cetera.  We all get into our ruts and we love them to bits and we live them and often make them so deep we cannot see out of them.
The problem is as I see it from my rut, there is a lack of balance, and a tendency to focus on one particular area to the exclusion of all the others. When in reality they are all important. What is worse is when one particular aspect of life is excluded or ignored by the majority of people in the field whatever the endeavour.


Sports and it’s rut
With this in mind I want to comment upon what goes on in sport and athletics and fitness as an example. There seems to be an overemphasis on the physical components like nutrition, exercise etc. Lees verder