Top 3 ways to make any plan a success – but deal with your sabotage first!

Do you recognise ‘self sabotage’ as nr. 1 issue in your life? 
You have the intention to start doing something important (private or work) and the moment you actually need to do it, you postpone till ‘mañana’!

Sabotage keeps us from being happy, healthy and wealthy
The root problem of this behaviour called sabotage is our inner voice. He or she seems to be there all the time and comes up with arguments to NOT do whatever you are up to. And worse, by listening to this voice we find ourselves back in all types of unwanted situations, like:

  1. – eating and drinking too much causing obesity and health issues
  2. – having persistent issues with (love) relations and family
  3. – underperforming at school or in your company

So, the million-dollar question is: Why it is almost impossible to keep personal goals up, even the smallest?

Why do we sabotage ourselves?
To get a grip on this dysfunctional behaviour, we first must understand how our brain is functioning. I have written a book on this subject (‘Nooit meer Stress’ ; dutch) but for here let’s put it simple: during evolution 3 different brain parts have developed each with their own functions:

  1. The reptilian brain (instinct) – it is all about survival (fight, fight, food, sex)
  2. The mammalian brain – takes care of others and creates emotions
  3. The cognitive brain – it is about ‘me, myself and I’ solving problems

Evolution also caused a hierarchy between those 3 parts, creating a situation where the oldest part, the reptilian brain, is the number 1. It is stronger and faster than the other 2 parts!

What makes things difficult and where sabotage comes in, is that the thinking part (me, myself and I) is last in line. This ‘ego-person’ has great ideas, but no power, it is overruled by both the emotional brain and the survival mechanism (instincts). A great example is ‘school sickness’, where the danger of getting a low rate is enough to feel really sick as an excuse to stay in bed.

What can we do?
So, we must accept that the human race has built-in limitations that are the foundation of our sabotage. These built-in limitations are a result of our past in the form of (personal) memories, habits, beliefs, fears, culture, education, etc..

And this process of instinct driven responses is keeping us going around in circles. So, if you really want to break free and start implementing your (life) plans there is only one option possible: relax your instincts!

The top 3 solutions to deal with sabotage

  1. For thousands of years humanity has tried already to deal with human limitations. The work was done by monks and shamans. 15 years of intensive yoga, mindfulness and living a ‘monk’s life’ is very effective. And yoga is still available for everybody who wants it.
  2. Dealing with issues like addiction and obesity has shown us that when we work together in a group f.e. to lose weight, the results of the participants improve by 100%. The social factor is extremely important, so whatever you want to achieve in your life, do it with your friends or colleagues.
  3. Use resonance to impact your instincts. The reptilian brain is pre-verbal, it does not understand words. It is effected by odour, external movements and resonances only. After searching the globe for this ‘21th century solutions’ I have come to the conclusion that there are many ways to use resonance, but that a remarkable method called Mindfulness PLUS PPD Resonance is the most effective one!

Make your plan a success 
Listening to Mindfulness PLUS PPD resonances for 10 min/day helps many people to become free from their survival instincts . The resonances are available through this website, and can be listened to at home, at the office, alone or with a group. Sabotage and stress related emotions like fear, panic, resentment and the blame game disappear step by step. Inner qualities like passion, forgiveness, focus and courage are being stimulated.

Research and feedback shows that for many people PPD resonance helps them to get a happy and healthy life again.


Contribution, fulfilment and win-win-win
So, if you want to stop stress and sabotage in your life you have three options:

1) Start doing yoga / mindfulness for 2 hours a day for the next 5 years

2) Make plans and use a committed group

3) Listen to PPD resonance for 10 min/day while focussing on your (life) plan

And if this 10 min/day options talks to you, there is the opportunity to test PPD Resonance mp3’s in your own life, this site offers free trial Mindfulness PLUS mp3’s for as long as you want (see top of the page).

And remember, when you start creating ‘your better life’ by listening to PPD resonances, you contribute to people in war zones and developing countries. For 10 cents, we support a child in a refugee camp or at school (