PPD resonance for deep relaxation

Do you want to relax more during your day?  Mindfulness PLUS PPDs help !
The pressure in our lifes increases, even young people become burn out!
Time to do something impactful, start listening to deep vibrating resonances

Reseach into the effects of Mindfulness PLUS (PPD) resonance   
To generate more ‘proof’ we have started a reseach project among 100 PPD listeners. Participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire twice (at the beginning and after 5 weeks).
The outcome is wonderfull, here the top3 results:

1. More inner peace (says 78%)
2. More easy to get out of my comfort zone (76%)
3. Less time in my emotional drama (68%)



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So, …. don’t wait till it is too late, only 10 min/dag of PPDs will do the job!
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Onno Nieveen
‘Max my Performance’ – the next step towards a happy life