Have you ever been in the situation that you coulnd’t do your favorite sport because you were suffering from an injury?
And did you use your bad physical state or age as an excuse?
You were wrong!

ontspannen sporten90% of all injuries are rooted in high tensioned muscles and have nothing to do with age nor with your phisical condition. We just do not relax enough while being in action.

We at Max my Performance came to that conclusion afer studying the realm of ‘stress, sport and injuries’. During this study we came across the fact that there are many old people doing sports without being injured. We also found out that they all live in Asia! That conclusion urged us to take a better look and when we did we identified their secret: relaxation while doing sport.

The Asian way
In China, Japan and other Asian countries people use ‘energetic exercises’ as part of their daily warming up program. Making gentle and slow movements based on life energy (chi, ki, prana) flowing through the body. Full attention is needed.

It is vetai chiry clear that based on the Asian Realty at we have to recomment you to start practising tai chi, chi neng, aikido or other forms of energetic movements. But we also know that many of you, despite feeling the urge to start practising, will not start! No time, no teacher to go to, too difficult and other reasons to not-start. For you the next part of this blog will be mind blowing.


The ultimate test
We met Arjen van Wifferen (40) a year ago when he had just started his challenge of becoming a triathlete within 500 days. As you might know, it takes 3,8 km swimming, 180 km cycling and 42 km running to finish a triathlon! You should also know that Arjen had not been doing sports for many years and frequently visited his favourit local bar to have a couple pints with the leds. So Arjen created a real challenge for himself! Arjen also realised that an intensive conventional training program would cause severe physical problems since he had no sporting history what so ever. He deceided to go the asian way, training based on relaxation.

arjen RT1113_029713To make a long story short, this summer Arjen finished his first Ironman triathlon in Maastricht (NL) without injuries, severe musle or joint problems!

He trained a maximum of 25% of the different distances, used one point focus during training and listened intensively to PPDs. Talking about the impact of PPDs in his (sport) life, Arjen is very clear: “After I started listening to PPDs it became a lot easier to silence my mind and therefor to relax during long training hours avoiding muscle and joint issues. Also during working hours and being with my familiy I noticed (and still notice) a different state of being, much more relaxed.”


If triathlon is not your favorit sport, but you do want to benefit
If you like to do sports without getting injured and if your intention is to keep doing sport for many years you might want to start listening to PPDs as well.

If you also like to help us out with a research program we just started, this might be the perfect opportunity.

By answering a few questions you help us a lot and in return we give you a 80% discount on the Sports PPD serie (25 PPDs worth € 375,- for € 75,-). This serie has been developed to create more relaxation in body & mind and will influence your fitness on any sport court. Arjen’s story speaks for itself..

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