disfunctional behavior, stop now!

Have you ever wondered why you seem to have some built-in limitations that other people don’t have and they have built-in limitations that you don’t have?
Have you ever wondered why all those amazing (management) training course effects wear off after a matter of days, weeks or months and all the amazing insights quietly sink back into the background to be forgotten? Even when there is a strong intention to keep them up.

Well the answer lies in something that is hardly ever being noticed. Our dysfunctional routine habits are things we inherited. They are like at least 10 generations old so it’s not surprising you can’t take the lid off and emptied the pot at the first attempt. In fact it’s very surprising you can even unto the lid at all!

The roots of all our dysfunctional routine habits
The roots of all our dysfunctional routine habits are our hyperactive survival instincts, which are made hyperactive by inherited trauma which we all have.
When these inherited dysfunctional memories are calmed down everything about personal change becomes easier.

For the first time there exists a simple way of processing and calming down the dysfunctional inherited memories, something incredibly easy to use.
Of course we know doing yoga intensively for 15 to 20 years. But that is quiet a way to go and for most of us very unlikely. One can also live a ‘monks’ life based on being vigilant and devotive for 35 years. But not many will keep up with that intention too. Many people cannot even keep up their intentions of eating less and losing a few kilos of weight!

As many start to know we have a new conscious making technology that we have successfully applied to this very fundamental human problem.
You will notice small behavioural changes in the beginning. Very subtle shifts of awareness which are the beginnings of a radical inner transformation.

Don’t believe it, just try.
We have followed a group of children who had been using the PPD technology. The results are pretty awesome (https://maxmyperformance.nl/childrens-pilot/ ).

Fortunately you don’t have to believe us because this claim is all too amazing, you can just try it for free and see for yourself.

For people that sense something special going on here: get yourself a PPD sequence and start listening for the next 10 weeks! (For a good financial resonance there is a 40% discount).