hi sergey – here is a special anti stress resonance we have been using for many years.

There are ‘6 months series’ available covering everything to do with stress, but the resonance on this page is the mother of anti stress resonances. We have embedded the resonances into the sound of the sea.

We also use resonances to deal with infectious diseases like malaria, tb, cholera, hiv very succesfully all over the world (> 500.000 year).  That happens through other websites and on the ground in refuguee camps and war areas. From this experience we have created the CORONA resonance to help the world.

But first, here is the anti stress resonance for you to listen to, our suggestions:

  • listen minimum 10 min/day
  • longer is also ok
  • every day
  • try 1 week to figure out for yourself
      Grounding, Centering and Stillness